FILE - Herky poses with a UI "Phil Was Here" supporter at the Voxman Music Building on Wednesday, Oct. 12, 2016. PHIL, short for philanthropy, was launched in 2007, and works with alumni and UI supporters to give back to the campus community. (The Daily Iowan/Olivia Sun)

In Their Own Words: Why is philanthropy important to public education?


It is Week of Phil, a week dedicated to philanthropic efforts on the University of Iowa campus. The Daily Iowan asked people around town why they believe philanthropy is important for public education.

Morgan Baran University of Iowa Student

“Philanthropy funding is important as life comes full circle, when you need them they are there to support you. In the meantime it is important to support them.”


Rachel Burnett UI Student

“Philanthropy is so important for us to focus on because when we’re in a position to be able to help others, we should.”

Lauren Dunlay University of Iowa Student

“Philanthropy is so important in public education because knowledge brings change and students that can use their knowledge to better someone else is great for societal growth.”

Jake Nemmers University of Iowa Student.

“Philanthropy is extremely vital to public education because it allows people to get fully involved and immersed in something that is for a greater cause. Mixing the two tighter allows individuals to gain experience through service that works towards a specific goal.”

Randy Robertson Coralville Resident.

“Philanthropy is helpful for the new students who look forward for the grants and scholarships. They also help the classes afford what they need to accomplish their class goals.”

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