Ryan Hall speaks during his campaign announcement on the east steps of the Old Capitol building on the Pentacrest on Wednesday, Aug. 9, 2017. Hall is a 24 year old student who is campaigning for a seat representing District B on City Council in the upcoming November election. (Joseph Cress/The Daily Iowan)

Guest Opinion: Ryan Hall


We need a movement that is centered on real issues that affect all members of this community. The issues being unaffordable housing, low-wage jobs, ineffective public transportation, lack of access to healthy and local foods, lack of clean water, susceptibility to floods, and the list goes on.

One person, politician, or election will not make the systemic change that we all need. We need students and long-term residents alike. After the City Council election on Nov. 7, I will continue to organize our collective power around these issues and do my part in making this community a more sustainable, just, and equitable community for all.

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In my three years of service with AmeriCorps, I witnessed issues ranging from the school-to-prison pipeline in public education, our flawed approach to resource conservation as a wildland firefighter, and low-income folks paying an unjustly high price for energy and uti lities because of their living conditions. As a student at the University of Iowa, I have learned that low-wage jobs mixed with an unreasonably expensive housing market keeps many folks in poverty. Through volunteering with the Center for Worker Justice in the fight for $10.10, I learned that these same issues keep our community members in poverty. We must unite our resources and our passions to tackle these common issues. I am running for City Council because we must bridge these gaps, build our collective power, and make this place more affordable and accessible for all people.

— Ryan Hall
City Council Candidate District B

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