Smith: Wonder Woman is back


In today’s political climate, the success of a female superhero film speaks volumes.

By Wylliam Smith

Wonder Woman has come back to theaters. As if the first run on the big screen wasn’t already utterly wonderful, the marvelous super heroine has come back to select IMAX theaters as the movie also gets ready to be sold on DVD and Blu-ray.

I truly love the hype around this movie, and I am so happy to see its return to the cinemas. I, for one, saw it three times when it first came out and loved it every time. Gal Gadot, Patty Jenkins, and everyone who took part in making this all deserve every bit of fame that came from the movie.

Without going full comic nerd, I will just say that out of every DC hero movie portrayal, Gadot portrays Diana Prince flawlessly. The sheer force of nature that she becomes when she’s fighting contrasts beautifully with pureness of her way of seeing the best in everyone and wanting to help everyone.

Wonder Woman has also been a strong feminist icon, but the mere fact that she represents a powerful female superhero who is not overly sexualized has a giant impact on comic-book movies as a whole.

Especially because outside of a few really bad ones, comic-book movies seem to be afraid of female-led superhero movies. I do like Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow in the Marvel movies, but even if you look at the promotional posters, you can see how the character is portrayed.

Wonder Woman never had any “butt shots” in her posters and never needed anyone to get the job done. Every time she is on the screen, she is the center of attention and emanates power.

It was as if Wonder Woman literally stepped off the page and onto the screen. But it’s not only just an amazing comic-book movie — it’s an all-around great film. And it provides a strong female role model for young women everywhere.

And that is something that is needed now more than ever. This year has proven strenuous at best in the terms of women’s rights. With the President of the United States making inappropriate comments toward women and events such as the Women’s March in January, the community has been in a state of flux.

Wonder Woman is now the No. 5 grossing superhero film; it is also the highest grossing film directed by a woman, and let’s be honest, it’s the best film to come from DC so far. A big part of that is because not only is the movie just well-written and acted, but it also tackles real topics and proves just how awesome Wonder Woman is.

Comic books don’t have a lot of female heroes as it is, and none quite compare to the glorious Diana Prince. No matter what gets thrown at her, she always comes out on top, and the same goes for Gadot in this movie.

Wonder Woman is unstoppable, and she’s exactly the superhero everyone needs.

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