In the key of rolling dice


Rajeev and Rolling Dice aren’t mere gambles.

By Travis Coltrain

Rajeev is a young, up-and-coming rapper hailing from Miami-Dade County, Florida. His début EP, Rolling Dice, is his first foray into the rap world as an artist, not a producer.

Originally a producer, he has only rapped for 10 months. Despite his young age, he has shown he has the skills to rival anyone, bringing in Berler to mix and master the tracks.

Rolling Dice definitely is no gamble. From Rajeev’s raps to his original beats, one could argue not only the EP but Rajeev himself is way ahead of his time.

Only 16, Rajeev’s genius in the studio could be comparable with other artists such as Night Lovell and Lil Pump, who are both 17. However, Rolling Dice shows that soon enough, Rajeev could leave them in the dust.

Rolling Dice throws its listeners into the struggles and victories of trapping; through his lyricism and his sonorous voice, an almost story-like atmosphere is created, pulling one deeper into the album’s trance.

The EP begins strong with one of Rajeev’s most popular tracks, “ALLADATIME,” which can get a people moshing whether it’s a concert or simply through a speaker.

“HOLLYWOOD” follows, and it is just as strong as its predecessor. The track talks a little about Rajeev’s life and his rise to where he is today. In it, he chants he’s “the best,” even though the track provides more than enough evidence to support the claim.

Following “HOLLYWOOD” is “PORSCHES,” a track made completely by Rajeev from the beat to the lyrics. In it, he doesn’t only talk about the rap life but why he’s involved in it. He goes into losing his aunt to drugs, and needing to rap in order to bring himself up. Just like Rajeev, and many of his songs, it evolves and eventually becomes about how far he’s come.

“REGULAR” has a much different vibe to it than any of the other songs in *Rolling Dice*, thanks to its producer and guest, GIUSEPPE. The soft song beat, mixed with the dark lyricism creates a juxtaposition unlike anything on the rest of the EP.

The weakest song on the EP, “PATIENTS,” had the possibility of being better but was unfortunately drowned out by autotunes and out-of-place large breaths by rapper Yoshi. While his lyrics as well as his flow were good, the loud breaths detracted from the track.

However, the next track, “NOTHING NEW,” shows having bangers isn’t a new thing for Rajeev. The track seems to flow like a freestyle, with a unique, incomparable, old-school flair. His voice manages to temper the beat to the melody that creates an intoxicating sound.

Rajeev ends the EP stronger than he started it with “WANNIT,” which could be an instant hit. From the flow to the beat to the lyrics, everything in this song seems to not only fit together, but each aspect can stand alone and still have the same impact. The track ends with a small thanks by Berler for those on the album as well as praising Rajeev.

Overall, Rolling Dice is a revolutionary album that showcases Rajeev’s talents as a producer, and a rapper. The EP shows that he doesn’t need to ask for popularity, but instead, his music demands it.

He has created an EP that rivals and even topples most artists in the industry through his booming beats, sonorous voice, and masterful lyrics.

Rolling Dice is a masterpiece that deserves 4.8/5 stars.

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