Guest Opinion: Fox News’ ratings decline: Mission Accomplished


Trump is the epitome of Fox News’ mission.

The mission of Fox News was to make the United States a Third World state, with a “strong man” (fascist) as its president to continue neoliberalism. To ensure the mission, “In 2010, Rupert Murdoch folded the tea party into the GOP,” and in 2016, the tea party took over the GOP.

The “mission’s” purpose: destruction of the last remnants of the Reaganomics initiated in the 1980s, which was about to end, but revived in 2016 with the election of Donald Trump. Preaching populist hate from the top, which once only came up from bottom-feeders, like Revelation’s “wild beast,” Trump has reintroduced/mainstreamed the prejudice and violence that once was only associated with the 1920s KKK.

Waxing-on about the memorialized dead American heroes in Arlington, it took prodding for President Trump (three days) to acknowledge/tweet that two Americans were murdered on a Portland commuter-train defending “freedom of religion.”

Trump’s entire trip to the Mideast, Europe, and the G-7 was an embarrassment where he behaved more like Stephen King’s “Penny-Wise, the clown” than “leader of the free world.” Pulling the bulldog face of his hero Mussolini, it lied — it pushed — and it bullied and brayed like a donkey about NATO 


Trump’s brinkmanship backfired: Merkel declared that the Anglo-American alliance is no longer paramount to the EU/NATO confederacy. (We can do it alone?)

America may become “great” but very much alone because of the Penny-Wise antics of Anglo-Strong-Man-ship; Fox News’ mission is accomplished.

— Mary Gravitt

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