Cruis’n for the Kids event raise money to support Children’s Hospital


By Marissa Payne


Families, children, and community members came together “for the kids” June 17 fueled by an appreciation for cars.

More than 100 attendees of the 10th-annual Cruis’n for the Kids Car Show filled the parking lot outside Kinnick Stadium with their vehicles, lining up to purchase food from vendors and strolling through the parking lot to the tune of soulful music.

All funds raised from the car show will go toward the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital. Cohost Terry Protextor said Cruis’n for the Kids made a commitment of $50,000 to the UI Foundation to support the Children’s Hospital, and this year’s show would mean fulfilling that commitment with a total of $75,000 raised in 10 years.

This is the first year during which the new hospital was open while the car show was held, which Protextor said was a culmination of the car show’s 10th year.

More than $5,000 was donated at this year’s show. Additional money will come from those who were unable to make it to the car show but would like to donate, Protextor said.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the show, as well as exceeding the $50,000 commitment, the show featured two cars from “The Munsters” TV show. Butch Patrick, the actor who played Eddie Munster, also made an appearance.

Cohost Ted Pacha said to make the car show’s anniversary special, the car-show people looked into different TV personalities from the automotive realm. Patrick was in Missouri around this time, so he was able to stop by Iowa City for the show.

“We are always trying to appeal to the families to come out, as well as the car guys and gals,” Protextor said.

Kim Johncos — who attended the event with a car inspired by the famed Batmobile car from the *Batman* movie — said she thinks it is fantastic that the funds are used to help the Children’s Hospital.

“Iowa’s been one of the greatest states, at least community-wise,” she said. “The fact that the university is giving back to the community is fantastic. You don’t see those as much in bigger cities as much as you do in smaller ones, so it’s kind of nice to be in Iowa, where everybody supports each other.”

Several cars at the show were a hit with the children in attendance. Not only the Batmobile-like car, but a Scooby-Doo “Mystery Machine” made an appearance.

The owner of the “Mystery Machine” vehicle look-a-like, Des Moines resident Steve Tegeler, said he was on his way to a car show in Iowa’s capital that would take place June 18 when he found out about the Iowa City car show and decided to stop by with his van.

Tegeler said he was unaware before coming to the car show that the proceeds were committed to the Children’s Hospital, but he might show up every year from now on, weather permitting.

“This is a good charity for the Children’s Hospital — what kid wouldn’t like the Mystery Machine to be here for it?” he said.

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