Berlerworld 3: Third time’s the charm


By Travis Coltrain  

Berler is a rapper and producer who originally hails from Miami but now lives in Los Angeles. He has numerous albums, singles, and collaborative pieces out.

It’s been more than three years since Berler created the original Berlerworld, and since then, he’s aged like some fine wine, showcasing this in his newest album, Berlerworld 3.

Berlerworld 3 is Berler’s fifth project, a seven-song album that focuses on the struggles of love and his transition from Miami to Los Angeles. The album has simplistic lyrics that seem to add a juxtaposition with the exquisite beats he produces.

The album starts softly with “I know (You can’t live without me),” which uses the repetition of bass to match the repeated lyrics he’s rapping. While his lyrics are basic, they say a lot in their simplicity.

The next song, “Love you down (Love is all),” relies heavily on a soothing beat that Berler tries to match by autotuning his voice. This backfires and creates a song that relies too heavily on the use of autotune. However, it doesn’t necessarily take away from the track. The song’s smooth beat with Berler’s tranquil voice creates a soothing, trance-like track. The song fades out in the end as it transitions into one of the more thunderous songs on the album.

“Really ain’t getting much sleep” is the third song on the album and the only one that has any features on it. Both rappers Kloo and Rajeev play a major role in this song and seem to carry most of the song. The difference between Kloo’s soft spoken lyrics and Rajeev’s sonorous voice creates a unique atmosphere for the song, throwing one deeper into the album’s trance.

The flow seems to shift with “I can’t (let you go).” Berler’s voice gives it a unique R&B flair that could be compared with Khalid. In the track, his voice manages to temper the beat to the melody that creates an intoxicating sound.

The next song, “Amazing (Driving me crazy),” creates an intimate image of what Berler feels for this woman. The song focuses on the lyrics and message behind them, talking about the struggles of dealing with drugs, moving away from his love and not being able to get that woman off his mind.

The lyrics of that track flow beautifully into the next track, “Let me go (I don’t want November to end).” This track creates a picture-perfect image of what Berler feels for this woman and the issues he’s struggled with since moving to LA. The song’s use of vocal echoes and sad, yet soulful lyrics match perfectly with the leaden sound of the beat.

The final track on the album, “Spend some time (Wit me),” creates a rich and memorable ending to the soft love songs that precede it. The song, by far has best lyricism that matches with the stentorian beat Berler created. The use of snares, claps, and backing boom of a kick creates a beat that the listener can’t help but move to.

Berlerworld 3 is a stupendous album that showcases just how much Berler has evolved since his start. While he relies too heavily on autotune, his album does its job of giving us a glimpse into Berler’s world through its use of resonant, polished tracks and booming beats as a juxtaposition to the soft and simplistic lyrics rapped.

Overall, the album deserves 3.9 out of 5 stars for its overuse of autotune, sonorous beats, and basic yet meaningful lyrics.

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