Letter to Editor: Trapped at Hancher


How did Hancher ever pass the Iowa City fire codes and American Disability Act codes?

On the evening of April 29, thousands of guests were trapped on all floor levels of Hancher when the only two guest elevators malfunctioned. Guests were directed to use the one and only service elevator and were told to
obtain a “code” from staff in order to use the service elevator managed by staff who were moving food carts and trash receptacles in the service elevator.

Another “codes” issue at Hancher is the number of steps between the aisles and numerous steps connecting the numerous floor levels. I observed that people with healthrelated, mobility and/or handicapped issues navigated with great difficulty the descent of these aisle steps, and many were unable to ascend without individuals assisting them. This need for assistance blocked and slowed the evacuation of all guests, thus presented the potential for disaster if an emergency situation arose at Hancher.

Why are there no ramps, no escalators, no other elevators for guests’ evacuation?

The April 29 event should have been titled “Hancher’s Un-appreciation Fiasco.”

Annamarie Marcalus MINISTRY@ Peace & Justice Advocate

Annamarie Marcalus MINISTRY@ Peace & Justice Advocate

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