Elizabeth Moen plays guitar while performing inside Shorts Burger & Shine on Clinton Street on Sunday, July 31, 2016. Moen frequently plays an indie folkrock soul set at Shorts on Sunday nights. (The Daily Iowan/Joseph Cress)

Songbirds arrive at the Mill

By Claire Dietz
Elizabeth Moen has come a long way in a little more than a year. A soulful voice that took her to countries across Europe. Now the songbird has returned back to Iowa City. Now with a few new songs, Moen’s songwriting has really begun to show through in this performance. A relaxed presence onstage shines through in an honest, soulful performance on her Tuesday performance at the Mill. Her second album is set to release later this year.

Bridget Kearney is best known for her work in Lake Street Dive, but recently released her debut solo album earlier this year.
A former native of Iowa City, Kearney provides a certain energetic performance that Lake Street Dive listeners may recognize. Her riffs are dominated by bass tones but in a way the audience finds hypnotic, a rhythm you can’t help tap your foot to. She is not afraid to experiment with new forms of music, taking cues from African drum beats she studied in college to moving from a full band to her and one other woman to croon a sweet song for their audience.
Kearney, whose parents both work at the University of Iowa, reminisced on the Iowa City she grew up in and how the city has changed over the years and the political climate surrounding it.
These two performers along with Paul Cary created a warm environment for the Mill on Mission Creek’s second night.
The Mill was full of supportive audience members who shouted encouragements between both songs and sets alike.
The three musicians are all tied to Iowa in different ways, from the earlier days of their band’s career, to schooling, to growing up here, and their admiration for this “flyover” state showed in their performances.
Kearney and Moen especially expressed adoration and a hint of wonder at returning to the Mill after their careers have grown and changed so much. Here’s to hoping they’ll return once again.

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