Editorial: Important issues brought to light


Although the negatives of his presidency have far-outweighed the positives, Donald Trump deserves some credit for shedding light on important topics and bringing the country together on many issues.

The Daily Iowan Editorial Board by no means is looking to glorify the policies of the Trump administration that are beyond disturbing. For example, the Editorial Board has voiced its concerns and profound disapproval for Trump’s immigration stances, his beliefs on global warming, his lack of respect for individuals of diverse backgrounds, his Cabinet appointments, his travel ban, his Twitter activity, and his lack of transparency.

However, it cannot be denied that Trump’s actions have led to some pretty astounding developments for a variety of causes. And, although this was almost certainly not Trump’s reason for running, the silver lining to his thus far atrocious presidency has been the reaction of people looking to stand up for what they (and the DI Editorial Board) considers to be right.

Take for example, the ACLU. When Trump’s short-lived travel ban went into effect, lawyers from across the country flooded airports (alongside other everyday citizen protesters) to support incoming immigrants, refugees, and even green-card holders. In fact, according to CNN, the ACLU brought in $24.1 million in online donations over the weekend the ban was announced. This amount is six times the total the ACLU usually brings in online for an entire year.

The ACLU is an important organization that serves a variety of functions and is undoubtedly an important protector of what many — including the DI Editorial Board — consider it means to be an American.

The ACLU is not the only group that has benefited from the Trump presidency. The National Parks Service was one of the first organizations that the Trump administration went after as part of its desire to silence support for environmental organizations that work to prove the existence and importance of climate change.

Following Trump’s silencing of the organization’s Twitter, thousands of angry U.S. citizens voiced their support for one of the most quintessentially American aspects of our government.

But perhaps the most important development following Trump’s election was the proof that despite widespread hate, there is a lot of tolerance left in this country. When, for example, swastikas were drawn on the New York subway, dozens of individuals responded by pulling out hand sanitizer and promptly doing their best to scrub the hateful messages from the public infrastructure.

The election of Trump (despite or because of his divisive and hateful rhetoric) proved that hate still exists in this society. This response, however, proves that there are still people willing and able to fight back against hate, anger, and prejudice.

And although it is a major positive to see people that still care about inclusiveness in this society, Trump’s presidency has also shed light on the remaining prejudices in America and around the world. The thin silver lining that exists for Trump’s presidency is by no means enough to justify his actions or legitimize his rhetoric. But in a world so caught up in anger and opposition, it’s important to continue to look for the good that comes from the bad.

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