Letter to editor: Making America great


There are many things to say after this election. Here are two:

First: I would like to applaud the efforts of everyone who worked in either campaign, but especially those who fought for Hillary Clinton. These people worked incredibly hard, and then some. They should be proud of their efforts and know that Clinton’s loss is not a result of any shortcoming on their part. And they should be proud of their candidate’s gracious acceptance of her loss.

Second: I would like to call on Democrats, both voters and officials, not to become what we have seen the Republican Party become over the last eight years. Let us not obstruct for the sake of obstruction. Our main mission should not be to discredit and disrespect our president; it should be to do good things for good people.

Yes, let us stand up and oppose all and every hateful and destructive agenda that may be put forward. But let us also attempt to work with Trump and the Republicans to make positive change in our country, however small or big. We can only hope that Trump was serious when he spoke about the need to bring together and heal the nation. Let’s hold him to it, and let’s make it work by being understanding, kind, and constructive.

Calling an entity as arbitrary and diverse as America “great” has always struck me as odd. A country’s greatness hinges on the sum of the actions of its people. Making America great isn’t about changing the structure of the country, it’s about making sure that we as individuals do things that are great.

Above all else, let’s strive to do that.

— Logan Drake

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