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Increasing gender-neutral options


The University of Iowa is part of a national trend to increase gender-neutral opportunities on campus, including housing.

“We just want to make sure that everybody has basic functions met so that way folks can focus on being a student and getting involved on campus,” said Virginia Ibrahim, assistant director of Housing Contracts and Assignments. “And not have to feel so much pressure around ‘How do I manage being my everyday self.”

When students apply for housing there is an option to check housing identity and when housing officials notice a gender-neutral mark, they work with the student specifically to find housing that makes them most comfortable.

The university has been making strides in gender-neutral amenities since the 1990s.

The UI TransAlliance is working with campus officials and university housing.

“We would like to push for more gender-neutral opportunities in housing,” said Sean Finn, founder and president of UI’s TransAlliance

Daily Iowan TV has the full story.

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